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A wholesale only stone printing company

At GiftStone, we specialize in customizing natural stone tiles with full color, photo-quality imprints. We offer LOW MINIMUMS - starting at only 24 pieces per order! These will fly off your shelves, especially with free name drops, no setup charges for custom images and low wholesale prices. Choose from our wide selection of stock images from world famous artists to up-and-coming photographers to create custom gift-sets to fit your desired theme. Or let us print YOUR image or illustration. We also offer a variety of gift box packing options and display items to complete the package.


icon Tanya Yeremeyeva
Tanya's Photo

Personal Info coming shortly

icon Minerva Serrano
Minerva's Photo

Minerva Devesa studied Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona, drawing speciality. She believes that watercolor art is a very powerful way to express feelings and emotions. Her style is colorful, fresh and funny.

iconAnna Bucciarelli

Anna BucciarelliAnna Bucciarelli is a freelance illustrator from Toronto, Canada. She built a successful career in communications, while producing freelance illustration work for individual and corporate clients. In her illustrations, Anna brings together various forms of media, including ink, watercolor and digital. Her style is influenced by her training in Eastern European decorative arts, with a focus on floral and plant motifs.


icon Alan Baker
Alan Baker

Alan Baker receievd the Benson and Hedges illustrators gold award, and also won the Gold creative circle award [1984] along with the Silver Campaign Press awards for advertising in 1990. He was nominated the creative match Flair illustrator of the month in November 2004. Over the years he's also had various illustrations selected for the 'Best British' and 'Best European illustrators' annauls.

icon Vicky Scott
Vicky Scott

Vicky’s style is graphic, colourful, nostalgic and quirky. She finds inspiration almost anywhere; from the natural world and her urban surroundings to stylish Art Deco architecture.

icon Judy Donnelly
Judy Donnelly

Amazing new artist from NE United States - "I find that painting Christmas scenes is one of my favorites, but I do all sorts of decorative painting as well as some oils. I wish I could devote my life to doing what I enjoy most."

icon d. hummel-marconi

d. hummel-marconi is a fun-loving, sixty-something year old woman that loves life and it loves her right back. Her humorous outlook on life influences her whimsical art in vibrant and happy colors. Being self-taught has given her a style that is distinctively her own.

icon Richard MacNeil

Richard Macneil is a self taught artist who has always worked in the creative industry. He has worked in the fields of sculpture, ceramics and graphics both in the UK and Internationally. He spent a long time working in the USA. One of his greatest achievements was seeing his artwork residing in The White House.

Returning to Worcestershire, England, where he was born and bred, Richard has worked on developing his unique style that he paints in today. His vision is to create “art that appeals to and is accessible to all”.

icon Jeremy Paul
Jeremy Paul

“My aim as a wildlife artist is not merely to illustrate but to impart the atmosphere of the setting and the feel of wildlife in its natural environment. I spend many hours in the field observing wildlife and looking for settings and lighting to inspire an idea for a painting. My greatest thrill so far has been following tigers in the wild and helping raise funds for their conservation through my paintings.”.

icon Mimi Wiggin
Mimi Wiggin

Mimi oil paints in a self taught representational style focusing on birds and animals. Her paintings and gentle palette reflect the scenic and serene environment in which she lives. “The wonderment of the outdoors has always been exciting to me. In my paintings I want to pass along this excitement and raise awareness of what is in our “backyards” as an encouragement for all of us to live in harmony with our natural surroundings”.

icon Olivia DeBerardinis

Men admire imagery of women and women admire imagery of ..women. From religious iconography to pop culture stars, women fantasize and idealize through these images. Over the years, many women have come up to me and told me about their drawings of women and the mixed reactions they get. I think it's strange that women aren't known for this genre, since it is ours to know.

icon Linda Spivey

Linda Spivey

Details coming soon

icon EarthArt
Sue Coccia

EarthArt by Sue Coccia

icon See America Collection

We are pleased to present the SEE AMERICA COLLECTION from Creative Action Network

icon Tim Dardis
Tim Dardis

Tim Dardis has always had an artistic eye. He is known for an extraordinary ability to carry color, composition and detail in his minds eye. Tim is currently creating a body of work he calls “Vintage Art Made Daily”. This proprietary new technique is employed over a wide array of subject matter.



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We ordered sets of coasters for wedding party gifts. Printed on the coaster was an uplifting message created and designed by the bride. GiftStone printed our custom design exactly how we wanted. The quality of the stone coasters and the packaging was amazing!